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Types of Semiconductor Reliability and Quality Testing

Intrinsic reliability testing allows test experts to learn how to overcome performance and failure issues, tweak production recipes to mitigate defects, and then fully exploit the beneficial characteristics of the new material. Learn more about the different types of tests needed to qualify semiconductor devices, and which tests are useful for product characterization and quality assurance.

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Modular Solutions for Flexible Reliability Testing

The stakes are too high and the development cycle is moving too rapidly to risk setbacks because a chip failed in the field. Enter modular testing solutions pioneered by Accel-RF. Learn more about the important reliability parameters needed to meet market demands and how to incorporate extreme flexibility into your reliability testing solutions.

5G: The Invisible Revolution of the Digitally Enhanced Future

Are you ready to compete in the 5G product market? Learn more about using mmWave and requirements for 5G testing parameters and service tiers.

The Effects of Aging on the Intermodulation Distortion Levels of GaN HEMT Devices

Application-specific testing is vital for characterizing the effects of GaN devices on system reliability. Learn about our novel test method and how it impacts quality assurance.

High-Voltage Switching Device Testing Using the AARTS HV System

Learn the reliability testing techniques critical for realizing practical applications in power management circuits with high-voltage/power performance.

Accel-RF: Empowering the Semiconductor Revolution

The guide to leveraging turnkey test systems for flexible, modular reliability testing. Learn how to reduce your financial risk and go to market faster.

Recent History And Current Trends in Gallium-Nitride Reliability Testing

Applications for GaN are rapidly expanding to every electronic market-segment known today. Learn the latest reliability and quality assurance trends for new market segments.

Gallium-Nitride Solid-State Power Amplifier Reliability Analysis Report

This report contrasts the predicted reliability for three different architectures of GaN based solid-state power amplifiers - Radial Combiner, Parallel-Plate Radial Combiner, Waveguide Binary

Product Documents

Our catalog of Datasheets provides product details and specification tables for Accel-RF equipment. Datasheets are available for download on our main website in the Datasheets section.

We provide a library of application notes to address the technical set-up and use of our products, as well as showcase innovative applications for the use of our technology to tackle the toughest semiconductor testing challenges. Application notes can be downloaded by request, please contact for details.

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Guide to Burn-In Testing featured

Guide to Burn-In Testing

Are you ready to compete in the 5G product market? Learn more about using mmWave and requirements for 5G testing parameters and service tiers.

Accelerated Life Testing vs Burn-In featured

Accelerated Life Testing vs Burn-In: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the purpose of accelerated life testing and burn-in testing is crucial for an effective reliability testing program.

DC vs. RF Testing featured

DC vs. RF Testing

IC manufacturers trying to meet the demands of rapidly changing markets might allow claims that DC can simulate RF reliability testing, but are they right?

Why Test for Reliability in ICs featured

Why Test for Reliability in ICs?

How can a device be guaranteed reliable over a typical lifespan measured in years without causing an unacceptable delay in production? To solve this problem, engineers developed the concept of reliability testing.

The Extreme Challenges of Accelerated Life Testing featured

The Extreme Challenges of Accelerated Life Testing

ALT is widely used to determine semiconductor device reliability in a reasonable amount of time. Learn how to overcome the challenges faced in this type of intrinsic reliability test.

Debunking 5 Myths About Semiconductor Reliability Testing featured

Debunking 5 Myths About Semiconductor Reliability Testing

From RF vs. DC to building in-house testing to the marketing benefits, we break down the biggest myths about semiconductor reliability testing.


WB _ Engineering with Reliability in Mind Webinar promo mockup

Engineering with Reliability in Mind

The key for semiconductor device makers looking to increase speed to market and ROI is to create a culture of reliability and start with the end goal in mind. Learn how in this webinar.


GaN Reliability: What Gives?

This webinar provides an in-depth look at everything you need to know regarding GaN reliability. From comparison analysis to understanding failure rates to customized "How-Tos," this webinar covers it all.

Product & System Demo

Accel-RF Reliability Testing Overview

It's important to plan your test strategy with your desired end-result in mind. In this demo, you'll get a detailed overview of the reliability testing process, as well as a glimpse into configuring your system to fit your reliability testing needs.

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