Increase Speed to Market and Achieve Greater ROI with a Focus on Reliability Assurance

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Semiconductor device makers face a challenge in today’s rapidly changing market. How can the reliability and quality of devices be proven fast enough to satisfy customer demand and market requirements to ensure a significant return on investment?

The key to unlocking more incredible speed to market is understanding the dual worlds of quality and reliability. Companies now need to merge quality assurance and accelerated life testing to prove their technology will reliably deliver its expected performance and be able to adapt to the next generation of required capabilities quickly.

The key to deterministic reliability and maximum ROI is the coordination of all company stakeholders, from product to engineering and quality, through marketing and sales. Every facet of the company plays a role in the organization's testing program to develop products that meet customer demands and leverage that data to prove reliability to the market as quickly as possible.

That's what it means to engineer with reliability in mind.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The ten most common reliability parameters used to aid in product development across semiconductor industries
  • Why starting with the end in mind is critical to success
  • Where reliability testing occurs in the development lifecycle
  • How the financial and reputation risk changes across the organization through the product lifecycle from process development to product launch
  • How integrated testing meets multiple goals
  • And how the coordination of testing will accelerate time-to-market and the realization of ROI

Watch the on-demand webinar now to understand the value of reliability performance and that it’s not just a cost. Your market financial success and your perceived value are only realized upon user acceptance of your device through sustainable sales due to high reliability and quality.

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