An overview of Accel-RF’s Technologies & Core Competencies

Semiconductor producers manufacturing the next generation of GaN chipsets are already intimately acquainted with one uncomfortable facet of business: riskTest engineers, whose job it is to mitigate risk, often face the challenge of convincing budget-conscious upper management of the importance of obtaining reliability data at each step.


Reliability testing is not a simple process. However, in order to get your team on board with a new system, you need to be able to concisely explain a solution’s value in a compelling way. 

That’s why we’ve distilled hundreds of pages of marketing, sales, and engineering documentation into this comprehensive eBook. 

In minutes, you and your team will be able to conceptualize how Accel-RF’s flexible, modular test equipment can impact your business well past the production line.

You'll quickly learn how to:

  • Go to market faster with accelerated life testing
  • Find weaknesses early and reduce financial risk
  • Confidently push GaN applications
  • Reduce test time
  • Improve ROI and more

Get your team onboard with this comprehensive eBook by requesting a downloadable copy to share or save for future reference. Just tell us where to send it by filling out the form. 

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