High-Voltage Switching Device Testing Using the AARTS HV System

The advanced development of new technologies, such as SiC and GaN, have created the opportunity for more efficient and higher voltage/power performance in switching and power management circuits. Their high cutoff frequencies, low on-state resistance, and very high breakdown voltages can increase power supply power handling densities approaching hundreds of watts/inch.

In addition, as new device technologies mature, it is important to verify device reliability before deployment in new terrestrial- and/or space-based systems. It is challenging to obtain standard device degradation data when operating in a powered pulsing application. The speed at which catastrophic failure occur implies it is often impossible to assure the same failure mechanism has occurred, which is imperative for reliability calculations.

In this helpful 20-page white paper, we dig into the reliability of these new technologies and techniques that are critical for realizing practical applications.

We'll cover areas including: 

  • General overview of existing challenges
  • Soft Switching Module Designs
  • Hard-Switching Module Designs
  • Rack Design
  • Summary of design suggestions

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