5 Reasons Accel-RF is the Only Choice for Scalable RF Testing

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If you are currently involved in or considering a project that will require RF reliability testing, you may think that you have plenty of options available. Many design engineers and project managers tend to play "Kick the Can" with their project's reliability testing portion. They think that it is something to worry about later, nearer the end of the project.


scalable RF testing

Nothing could be further from the truth. Completing a project or successfully bringing a product to market relies on making the right choices early in the development process. In the RF arena, reliability testing is one area that has to be done correctly and on time. 

With over three decades of experience in qualifying RF products for a range of real-world applications, Accel-RF has developed a unique system of reliability testing. In fact, we are the only company providing an industry-proven turnkey method for RF device vetting on a large scale.

We know that is a pretty bold claim that we wouldn't make without backing it up. So, here are 5 reasons Accel-RF is the only real choice when you need RF reliability testing for your project.

1. Fixtures

One key to obtaining accurate reliability testing and device characterization data, especially with RF, is to thermally isolate components from the device under test (DUT). Accel-RF's unique approach employs our line of fully configurable modular testing fixtures.

We designed our fixtures to heat the DUT to the desired test temperature while air gaps keep the rest of the fixture relatively cool. This approach allows other circuit components to function under normal conditions while the DUT undergoes high-intensity heat. The data collected will provide an accurate picture of the device performance uninfluenced by degradations of other parts of the circuit due to heat.

Our fixtures' flexible design makes them easy to configure for any device package and testing type. The fixture can be set up for testing devices under DC bias, pulse and at numerous frequencies, up to Ka-Band for 5G applications and beyond.

Other temperature testing arrangements using ovens or hot plates cannot guarantee that the other components are operating correctly under the high heat. Our fixturing is the only industry-standard way to certify that the device is operating according to specifications.

2. LifeTest Software

Driving the exclusive capabilities of our fixtures is Accel-RF's LifeTest software. We have developed LifeTest to match reliability testing paradigms that multiple applications require. 

LifeTest software

The fully-featured program allows testing to be customized and automated across multiple devices. You will have confidence that human errors haven't introduced unknown stressors like static discharge into a portion of your DUTs. Consistent testing conditions are maintained automatically by the software, and human handling is minimized to ensure that you are getting the most accurate results across all test batches.

The testing routine can examine results continually and stop testing when a certain level of degradation begins to occur. This decision-making capability allows you to construct an exact characterization of your device's performance based on its behavior.

Our LifeTest software also provides sophisticated tools for data analysis and presentation. The program allows you to pull the specific data your customer needs to see and present it in a fashion that is easy to understand.

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3. Dedicated Test Equipment Design

Putting together an in-house testing facility to test multiple batches of chips efficiently and accurately is much more complicated than it appears on the surface. A typical setup for a 96-channel system requires 192 individual power supplies (2 per channel). That many power supplies take up quite a bit of room in the lab, not to mention the required RF electronics, the temperature control equipment, or the necessary switching components.

We've been designing and developing reliability testing setups for decades. One of the things we've been able to focus on is reducing the testing equipment's footprint to a manageable level. We estimate that using our equipment will reduce the required space by a factor of 10 as opposed to setting up your own system.

in-house testing vs. accel-rf

So, instead of scrambling at the last minute to set up racks and racks of equipment, you can rely on us to provide you with precisely what you need practically and efficiently. That allows you to focus your design engineers on product development instead of forcing them to step out of their specialty to design usable testing equipment.

4. Industry-Standard Testing on Short Turnaround

Accel-RF provides customers with a proven way to start reliability testing in an average of 10 weeks. Not only that, but we can ensure that the data you obtain will be accurate and what is needed. We are experts in reliability testing and device characterization. We have extensive experience testing RF devices, and we know what the industry expects you to bring to the table.

In fact, we've helped establish some of the guidelines for accurate device testing through the decades that we have been in business. We have worked in all major industries, including Aerospace, Telecom, and military applications. Now, we are opening frontiers in the 5G, green power, and automotive industries.

We design our systems to be turnkey testing racks that will put you at the necessary performance level to compete in the market. Because we understand every aspect of the testing process, we make sure that you get the right equipment, configured correctly, and set up to do what you need it to do.

5. RF Consultants Included

The fourth reason above dovetails nicely to the fifth and final reason Accel-RF is your best choice for a turnkey testing system you can count on: our expertise. We've been in this industry for decades, and we know how to help companies get up and running with accurate reliability testing quickly and efficiently.

We don't just sell you the equipment and walk away. Accel-RF's experienced team of testing engineers is committed to doing whatever we can to make sure you are successful with your reliability testing in the shortest time possible.

Our knowledge and experience in the industry are unparalleled. When you purchase a turnkey testing package from us, we include that heritage. We know what you are trying to do; we've done it. Making sure that you are successful makes us successful as well. When you tell others how you managed to get your product to market profitably, we want you to feature Accel-RF's role prominently in that success story.

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