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Accel-RF® receives registered trademark status for both its name and logo

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SAN DIEGO--September 11, 2015--Founded in 2003, Accel-RF® Instruments Corporation has become the worldwide leader in turn-key reliability and performance characterization test systems for compound semiconductors. Accel-RF systems have been used by research organizations and government laboratories in the global development of wide bandgap (WBG) technology for RF applications. As the next step to solidifying the company's place in the market, Accel-RF recently applied for and received registered trademark status for both its name and logo by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The "Accel-RF" registered trademark (Reg. No. 4,711,459 Serial No. 86-351,316) covers International Class IC 009 for goods and services in "Semiconductor Testing Apparatus". The trademark covers the company logo, including the text, "Accel-RF".

Roland Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at Accel-RF, commented on the company's recent registered trademark status, "Accel-RF has emerged as a market "brand" in the semiconductor reliability testing industry. By receiving trademark status for our logo and name, we are completing the foundation for distinction in the marketplace for years to come." Shaw continued, "When a customer purchases a product from Accel-RF, they are investing in a product and an organization that stands behind everything it sells. Trademarking our brand is not only a moniker for our organization but acknowledgement of the success of the past 12 years and a focus for the future."

For more information about Accel-RF's registered trademark, visit the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System ( and look up registration number 4711459.

About Accel-RF

Accel-RF Instruments Corporation specializes in the development, design, and production of accelerated life-test/burn-in test systems for semiconductor devices. These systems are turn-key integrated instruments that provide a cost-effective and high-value proposition for measuring intrinsic reliability, process-control validation, specification standard-deviation characterization, and product qualification testing.

Trademark Information

"Accel-RF" is a registered trademark of Accel-RF Instruments Corporation.



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